Enacting [conversation about] Protest {Leuven – 2014}

I was invited to participate with my project The Other Market in “Enacting Protest? A performance exhibition“, curated by Wim Lambrecht, in the context of the Performing Protest international Conference in Leuven. Whenever I have been invited to these kind of events with The Other Market, I have adapted the market to its most relevant form, according to the context. In the case of a conference about protest, and inspired by the Open Archive of Opinions, I realized that in protests and manifestations always the ‘big messages and loud voices’ prevail over the small opinions and low voices. For this reason, I wanted people to put their own personal opinions and voices in a poster: what they would like to manifest for or with, and use a stencil-letter-system to spray-paint on the back of a ‘used poster’. The papers used as surface were recovered posters from a past exhibition in Ghent.

IMG_4764  IMG_4775 IMG_4773 IMG_4770 IMG_4769 IMG_4768

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