Its a matter of matter {Experiences with vacuum/forming}

“What is matter? Never mind. What is mind? It doesn’t matter.”

The matter of matter is that is cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed; this may sound pretty obvious, specially because we have been listening to Einstein’s quotes since highschool. but one thing is to hear about it in a physics class, and another quite different is experimenting with that reality in a plastics workshop, vacuum-forming polystyrene sheets. Particles once spread on petroleum, than taken as derivates and after joint together by heat and extrusion, are about to suffer a new transformation… gets you thinking the transformation loop we are in: will we ever stop? Could we ever stop? Should we even stop?

In this case we made candle-holders which, probably, will be recycled to suffer, again, another transformation. This never-ending cycle can be seen in my proposal, where the candle’s wax is casted to a mould, producing different figures, which can be melted and re-casted into different pieces. Is both a statement on the never ending cycle, but also having fun while doing it.

I think few of my classmates (including myself) are very keen on working with vacuum-forming process again, but the assignment turns interesting when thinking (by doing) about the matter of matter.

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