FREEHOUSE: Radicalizing the Local {Symposium / Rotterdam – 2014}

I was honored to collaborate with Ashraf Osman and Jeanne Van Heeswijk in the organization of the ‘closing’ (transition) event of Jeanne’s most representative project, FREEHOUSE: Radicalizing the Local. It was a three-day long symposium (15-17th of January 2014), which took place in the Wijkwaardenhuis, where the project had been based for the last 9 months, and it ended up in the constitution of a neighborhood cooperative that continues the project nowadays.

The symposium had over 30 speakers, reporters and moderators; from entrepreneurs to artists and from economists to social activists, the speakers gave 30 minutes talks, followed by critical reactions from a moderator and set the basis for workshops around the neighborhood (Afrikaanderwijk, Rotterdam South) in the afternoon. The first day revolved around ‘New Organizational Forms’, the second day around ‘New Economic Forms’, and the third day was about ‘Re/forming the future of the Afrikaanderwijk’, taking place as a general assembly with nearly 100 participants.

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