Kokopelli hostel coca-leaf business cards

This is marketing gone well! The Kokopelli hostel, which is based in Lima (Peru), opened a new branch in Cuzco. Cuzco is a city located deep in the andes, 3.400m above sea level. When going from Lima (sea level), the effects of altitude-sickness (Soroche) can lead to unpleasant effects and even death (I was hospitalized there for a week, product of a bad-taken-care soroche!). To advertise their new branch, the hostel made business cards with a detachable piece of ‘coca-based’ paper, which the travelers can use as soon as they arrive to Cuzco.

I am not completely sure about its effectiveness (such a small piece might not make the effect), but it is a great way of making people aware of the risks on traveling to high altitudes and also to fighting the stigmatization of coca leaves.

Well done Kokopelli!


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