this is (not) a poster {2012}

this is (not) a poster is a project made in collaboration with Ben Landau. It was made as a proposal for the open call made by Waag Society in Amsterdam to participate in the International Summit for Cheap Laser Graphics that took place in Amsterdam during the Museumnacht of the 2nd of November of 2012. Our proposal was selected to participate, therefore was exhibited and sold during the night. We were also invited to participate on an Infographic Workshop earlier that day.


We conceived the poster, not as a static graphic, but as a material for people to intervene different spaces, building their own messages around the proposed topic: overconsumption. The project is proposed as an open project, in which we invite people to keep downloading the file, laser-printing it and transferring messages in different places. More information, INCLUDING A VIDEO TUTORIAL on this blog.

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