Radio Tree {Eindhoven – 2012}

Project made in collaboration with Matthias Borowski.

How can we experience the city in a different way? How can we connect the train station in this experience? We created a sculpture to allow the people in the station to explore the city in an audible way. By interacting with an interface, the user listens to sound emitted from FM transmitters displayed across the city.

Train stations, as well as any kind of port, are very particular places, for they are the nodes that connect the city to other cities and places, but sometimes have very little to do with the city, and more to the places they connect to.

We wanted the people to have control of the experience, both in the tuning and in the transmitting, reason why we dedicated time to make the interfaces as interactive as possible, giving the possibility to the citizens to roll the transmitter through the city or tune their preferred frequency in the station.

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