Designing out of the design department


Designers have the most powerful weapon in their heads; it is not in their ‘hands’ because it s not an operative skill, but a way of thinking that lead them to proceed as they do in each project they undertake. The problem is that very few designers are concious of this, and all that potential gets wasted in pointless tasks they are asked to do. That powerfull weapon, which carry designers (most of the times ignoring they do) is Design Thinking; but I am not talking about a skill, but a power that should be considered the core of design academies, regardless their specific area of interest. Only by having full counciousness of this power, can a designer make his work really worthy, further than what most are actually doing, by just recieving tasks, mainly in Design Departments; is in that point that the designer has to step forward and be proactive to claim his relevance in any process made on any department of an organization. Not only in the DD is the designer relevant, in fact, I dare saying is the place where his work is less relevant; Merchandising, Advertising, Communications, PR, and the list goes on to any place where creatve thinking applied is needed.


  1. La verdadera cosa importante es la literacia de el pensamiento en todas sus formas possibles.

  2. calderonp wrote:

    Estoy de acuerdo, aunque no encuentro una relación muy cercana al Post en lo que dice ni en el enlace que incluye.

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