Mark the city {Riga – 2011}

There is a strong visual and graphic pattern language present in Riga, but usually ignored. This is visible on graffiti and the diverse manholes. There is also a graphic pattern language present in the open air museum that represents Latvia’s history. This is visible on the houses, fences and furniture. The museum’s symbols help make Riga’s patterns visible.

Seek inspiration in the museum. Seek inspiration in the city. Create a language in collaboration with the craftsman. Explore the material and its possibilities. Mark signs in different contexts. Change an original iron manhole with a wooden one.

The first thing we made is a metal stamp that can be burnt onto a wooden surface. With this we want to bring the museum into the city. Through the search for symbols and marks, we came to a sign language. The second product is a set of iron modules or jigsaw that can be configured as graphic signs.

Project made in the context of Make Design Riga: Dutch design made in Latvia.

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